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Finger & Ass Fucked
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phil-flash's Avatar This was taken when we lived in our 2nd apartment. The Meta Data on the pictures is screwed... so I don't know exactly when. But I want to say somewhere around 2010 is when this was shot.

I think it is really hot to watch Dawn sponge up the sexy attention I was giving her. The slow escalation into natural sex is awesome compared to set up scenes! I hope that you njoy the realness of this one :)

I dunno why (cuz I am a perv probably), but when I took Dawn's jeans down... and started fingering her, all I could do was stare at her pretty little asshole! It's so wrong... I have no idea... but to resist licking it was ah... not resistible. LOL!

I took that part of the video out... I don't really want poeple to be watching my face bobbing in and out of Dawn's ass... But I want to describe it to you and so I can set up the ass fucking part of the video.

Getting into Dawn's ass is not an everyday occurrence :) You must pleasure the ass... tease the ass... lol! Really though... I believe that I was able to fuck her ass because I teased and pleasured her so much. I have figured out that you can do some of the nasty stuff with your girl... you just have to give her that "crap" that we don't necessarily want to do prior to it :)

Ok, ok... what I wanted to tell you guys was that when I was licking and tongue fucking her ass... she would make these moans that are so hot that you have no choice but to shove your tongue deeper into her asshole... and listen for the next moan/sounds that she makes.

Then... of course... after so much "for-play"... being a man, we have to put it somewhere warm and wet right :)

I have two apologies. The first is that I am sorry that the video ends abruptly. It was the camera battery... AGAIN! Remember... this was spontaneously shot.

The second apology is for the extremely small amount of pictures... this stuff was not shot as a set :) It was just shot :)

Dawn Avril
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TitleFinger & Ass Fucked
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Dawn Avril
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