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Surprise Orgasm
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DawnAvril Face The best kind of surprise. An orgasm that you didn't even have to work for! Yes, please! Thank you!

Hat games are fun when you're the one writing stuff to put in the hat. It's a bit unnerving when you have no clue what you're going to pull out. Phil-flash put a few things in the hat that he wanted to see me do, and I had to do them!

🕷️Rub my belly and pat my head. Easy-Peasy
🕷️Pillow humping like a celebrity.
🕷️Pillow humping like a friend.
🕷️Pillow humping like I think p-f would want me to.

🕷️Rub my belly and pat my head.
The belly rubbing and head patting is simple. I figured out a long time ago, you have to start rubbing first so your hands don't get stupid. At least for me, that's what works. I know, genius. And you're welcome for the tip. This is life changing information.

🕷️Pillow humping.
I seriously could not do this with a straight face. It's too funny lol. For the friend part, I chose one of my best friends. Haven't met her in person (YET!) but hopefully one day I will. She's way into StarWars and take lot's of sexy pictures in a Storm Trooper helmet. I made sure to incorporate that. I hope my pillow humping makes her feel proud.😂 @RestingSithFace on Twitter if you wanna check her out.

🕷️Riding The Magic Wand
Ah, the piece de resistance. The creme de la creme!
Okay, truth be told, phil-flash likes to get as much as he can for masturbation videos. He's a generous man.. he knows y'all like to watch our bodies twitch before we explode with an orgasm. Or maybe that's what he likes. Either way.. that's what he was trying to accomplish. I usually take a little while to cum with the hitachi. It has such a powerful vibration, which can be too much sometimes. If I don't take a break it will actually make me feel numb. Which is what started to happen, so I hopped off for a minute. Phil said when I get back on, to try staying more upright so you guys can watch my whole body a little better without me like holding myself up with my arms. So that's what I'm doing... Phil is coming in for the closeup shots when it happened.
💥BOOM💥 Insanity! Probably one of the best orgasms I've had all year. It was so intense that I actually feel awkward about how personal of a moment it was for me. *hides face*

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DawnAvril dildo fucks herself in the shower
DawnAvril dildo fucks herself in the shower
DawnAvril dildo fucks herself in the shower
DawnAvril dildo fucks herself in the shower
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