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Public Nude & Bar Dance
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What a whirlwind this was!! Well, this is the beginning, anyway. We're nerds, right? So we were out front of our apartment in Hungary playing with these extra flashes. So, these pics you see in the beginning were just random "testing" shots. Maybe they'd end up in a blog one day. But they were never intended for a set update.

It was getting dark, and we wanted to walk down to the little pizzaria and have a couple of drinks. Phil asked me if we could do some random "around town" shooting.. because it had been SO long since the last time we had the time to. We were about to fly back to America. At around 3am our ride was coming to pick us up. We were just relaxing before we went back and speed packed our shit. We like to wait until we have 5 minutes left and then throw everything into suitcases.. fuck it if we left it!

There's this little burger place called "Florida Burgers", which strikes me as strange.. I do live in Florida.. but I was DEFINITELY in Hungary. There were some stairs that led down to it, it was under the rest of the shops. Also, there was this tanning place next to the stairs that always had a green light.. It looked cool at night when it was the only store front lit up. So we picked there to snap off some pics before we got to the pizzaria. They're pretty cool! Different.. but I like them :) They were fun!

Anyway, we have a few shots of Vodka and Rum... then go across the way to the big ass church. It's called the bing-bong, because it has a giant clock at the top that bing-bongs.. LOL! So, when we say we want to go down to the little town square, we just say, "lets go to the bing-bong". I bet if I didn't explain that, one day I would be saying it, and people would think I was a R'tard.

We found a pretty fountain to take pictures by, and I was excited.. but then we hear guys across the street hooting, whistling, clapping... They pulled chairs out on the sidewalk. So as you can see, there aren't many fountain pictures because I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. LOL!

As we were walking away, they were still applauding.. and one guy started coming towards us... OH FUCK.. I got skeeered :( But then he spoke English! This was the first time someone had approached us and spoke English.. that could possibly be a cool person. You'll see him in the pics. He's the guy with the peircings and spanking me. He told us we could come and do bar pictures whenever we wanted... We're the type of people who will have ideas, and if we don't do it RIGHT THEN, we'll probably never do it lol. So we went into the bar :)

I was so nervous.. the bar owner kept trying to dim the lights n shit.. He's the one sitting in the bar stool next to the bar the whole time. You don't see it in the video, but he got a little too close for comfort a few times! So anyway, I drank down a big beer, put my big girl panties on, and hopped up on that bar and started posing!

P-F has a magical imagination, and who'd a thunk it... He wanted me to dance for them. AHHHH!! So I started taking shots! lol! They had music. Let me tell you Hungary is a good 7-10 years behind when it comes to mainstream hip-hop and stuff.. I couldn't pick songs to save my life, everything was so old lol! I told him to just start playing something, I can dance to any-fucking-thing!

And there you have it.. I stripped down for these boys and gave them a show they've probably NEVER ever even thought they would witness in their lifetime! The girls over there don't do it like we do it.. ass shakin and jigglin... poppin... They just don't do it! They dance cute, if you've ever seen Teen Kasia dancing, that's the only way girls, even strippers dance over there. So my American Ass Show was very exciting to them! I know this, because I rubbed my ass on a few of their cocks :)

I didn't think I had it in me, really.. I haven't stripped in SO long.. But Holy Hell it's like riding a bike. It all came back to me. You can see the intensity in my little face... It was fucking hot! I loved every second of it!

It's so dirty looking. I'm in a raunchy little bar in a sleepy little town in Hungary, stripping in a room full of strange men who don't speak a lick of English. It was dangerous... I hope you get that raunchy dirty feeling too when you watch me crawling around on the floor with dirty socks, on my hands and knees, shaking my ass at the feet of these men while they look at me as though I'm nothing more than a peice of meat.

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Public Nude & Bar Dance
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TitlePublic Nude & Bar Dance
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