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DawnAvril Dominates Janessa Brazil
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I'm pretty sure being the girlfriend of Face Down Ass Up University's Dean, Phil-Flash, had a lot to do with my promotion. As Phil always says, "Girls fuck up everything!", and it was my pleasure to start a class for these bimbo's, teaching them how to stay in line, and do what they're told.

I'll admit, having Janessa be my first girl was definitely a test of my loyalty. She's my best friend, and I think the Dean knew that and wanted to put me through a test.. Or he wanted to watch me squirm while being mean to her. Either way, I know his dick was behind this logic. Hmmph!

Despite my slight feelings of guilt, I was really looking forward to this day. HEHE! Janessa's fucking HOT! I see her naked all the time, we have sleep overs, go shopping and try on clothes together, and I've always wondered how it would go if we ever experimented together. Fortunately for me, Phil took away all of the mystery by setting up my new little class.

Janessa probably didn't really need put in her place. She's pretty good at doing what she's told. It was a piece of cake telling her what to do, she didn't object to anything! Maybe she wanted it too.. But anyway, I broke it to her that she wasn't going to be called Janessa anymore. I named her "IT".

After I explained to her what was going on, the fun began! I LOVE pigtails, IT has super long hair, so I packed some hefty pink hair clips in my purse just for her. Coinsidentally, IT wore black and pink just like me.. and the clips were perfectly matching! That's a big deal to me, it drives me crazy when things don't go well together. She looked pretty fuckin cute with those big pigtails.

I brought one of the Dean's guys with me to take some pictures and shoot video during the class because Phil probably didn't trust me to do it right. I made IT pose for his camera. She was pretty inexperienced, and asked a lot of questions. It was fun, but I couldn't wait to get down to business!

IT and I sat down on the couch together. I couldn't believe it, I was NERVOUS! I was sooooo excited! I told IT to put her tits in my face for a couple pics. Then it was time to play "D.A. Says", just like Simon Says, only we're not in 1st grade anymore.. I told IT to give my boobies some lovin'.. and she DID!

After a minute of that... I stood up, bent over, and told her to lick my asshole! She was kind of surprised about that one. I grabbed her hair and shoved her face in my ass while she licked and sucked on my asshole like a good little IT. Then I turned around and smothered her face in my pussy. She licked my pussy up and down, sucked on my clit and fucked me with her tongue. Mmmm it was so good. I wanted to cum. We laid on the couch and she put two fingers in my little pussy, they were sooo soft and gentle. My pussy was getting so wet while she fucked me.

Things were heating up very fast. I started moaning, I couldn't be still, she was making me crazy! I kissed her, we looked at eachother, it was a very intimate moment. Phil's camera guy was very quiet.. I'm sure his dick was as hard as a rock. I was getting finger slammed so good! I couldn't stop myself from cumming with her. OMG I felt soooo good... sooo fucking good. My whole body was tingling from my orgasm.

I'm a nice girl, so I decided that Janessa could be Janessa again, and that she could tell ME what to do. I was supposed to send her back to class, but I wanted to taste her pussy too.

Janessa was in control for no more than 15 seconds before she took her revenge on me. This was supposed to be "D.A. Dominates 101"! It quickly turned into "D.A. gets Dominated 101".. Janessa turned into a real nasty little bitch with the flip of a switch.. Profanities were flying out of her mouth left and right!

She was sooo fucking hot commanding her dirty little orders.. I really liked being told what to do! She pretty much told me to do everything that I had made her do. Our friendship was quickly turning into something else... What that is, I don't know! But I completely forgot about the guy with the camera. I was totally into her.. totally into eating her pussy and licking her juices!

She liked when I sucked on her clit and told me to keep doing it.. then BAM! Janessa came out of nowhere! I was so happy she wanted to kiss me.. she wanted to taste her pussy on my mouth.. and I wanted to give it to her! hehe! The camera guy finally piped up and started saying nasty things to us too!

Janessa shot by p-f

I haven't taught my class since then. I wonder if Janessa has forgotten everything she learned..? I might have to bring her back in and refresh her memory soon.


Here's a funny story, a REAL one.. LOL! Janessa, Phil and I discussed this set in great detail before we shot it. I do not know how it happened... but Janessa and I BOTH fucked up.. We did what we thought Phil wanted us to do, which was flip the script and Janessa takes over and makes me do everything back to her. She and I were on the same page, but Phil was not expecting it. I still do not know what Phil really wanted us to do.. but she and I somehow ended up on the same page while Phil was completely surprised when we turned it around. LOL! No wonder the camera guy was so quiet. LOL!

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DawnAvril <s>Dominates</s> Janessa Brazil
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