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The Affair Part I
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He is all I ever think about. The photographer that I paid to take sexy pictures of me for my new husband. At first I thought the guy was sleezy. I started to see him differently within a few minutes of making our secret video.. He was kinda sexy, the way he talked to me.

It was the day before my wedding when I had these pictures done. I just had my hair dyed for my wedding and I wanted to wait to do them so my hair looked good. It was very last minute, and had it been sooner I may not have walked down the isle the next day. I was having a lot of second thoughts, but everything was paid for, everyone was there.. So I did it. I got married the next day.

All of my bridesmaids thought I was glowing because I was about to become a wife. The truth is, I couldn't stop thinking about... Him. My mom of course noticed something wrong. She said it wasn't too late to back out of the wedding if I wanted to. I just couldn't do that to everyone.

Our honeymoon was beautiful. We went to Greece. I did pretty good playing the happy newlywed. I gave my husband the pictures of me... He loved them. I couldn't help feeling guilty because I felt like they were something special.. and not for my husband. I told him that my photographer was a woman so he didn't ask any questions.

When we got back home, we settled into our house, opened all of the wedding presents... We now have about 40 wine glasses. And my husband went back to work the next day. I spent the entire day trying to get ahold of the photographer. I called, I looked for him online.. Nothing. What if he has someone too.. what if he doesn't want to see me.. I felt sick with unanswered questions swirling around my head like a carosel at a carnival, with the music distorted...

The rest of my day was pretty crappy. I got snappy with my husband a few times. I couldn't stand him anymore, I just wanted him to go back to work and stay out of my hair. I couldn't deny him sex though.. after all, we did just get married, and I can't act too weird.

I closed my eyes and imagined that my photographer was the one caressing my body. That he was the one man handling me by my hips. I felt his breath on neck. I kissed him passionately. I took his cock and put it inside of me and slammed his body into mine with my legs. Over and over and over. I made him FUCK.ME.HARD.

I was gritting my teeth, eyes closed tight, and with every thrust I let out a moan. I felt my body being forced against the mattress. He slammed his hips into my inner thighs.. making a smacking sound every time. I wanted it harder. Between every gasp and moan I demanded he fuck me harder. As hard as he could. He tried.. he really did. It wasn't enough.

All of my frustrations and emotions were so worked up.. I wanted to feel some pain. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to feel anything other than the guilt and sadness that consumed me.

I wanted to make love to the other man. I wanted my husband to slap me across the face but he wouldn't do it.. he didn't want to hurt me. I dug my nails deep into his skin, I felt my nails break through the top layer of his skin... I yelled at him, "SLAP ME IN THE FUCKING FACE! PLEASE!" He did it and I cried out in a twisted fucking combination of pleasure and pain.

My head was somewhere else. I was imagining being held captive by "him", and he treated me like his pet.. He loved me, and kept me. He made love to me... staring into eachother's eyes. His eyes were fixed on mine. Glassy blue green eyes. What I wouldn't give to look into those eyes while he made love to me. I want him to take me, hold me tight. The sex we would have would be magic. We would be like one.. He would hold my head and kiss me like the last bit of water on earth was in my mouth.. and he needed it to survive.

I need him. He now held my soul in his hands, and he doesn't even know it. I can't live life without seeing him just once more. I need this to be real.

My husband finished inside of me and rolled over. I got up and ran to the bathroom without saying a word to him. I locked the door and turned on the shower... It was freezing cold drops of water. I let the water hit me in the face, and I opened my mouth to let it tickle my tongue and pool up until it ran out.

I closed my eyes and thought about him.. I thought about how he touched me while recording me masturbating. He held my hair out of my face... so gently. I began to rinse the sweat off of my body, and my hands found their way inbetween my legs.. it's still warm and wet from the sex.

I slipped my middle fingers from both of my hands in and out, and ran my fingers up and down my clit. I put my back against the wall to support me while I slid down into a squat. I was putting two fingers from my right hand in now and rubbing my clit with the other hand, stopping to grab my tits every few moments.

I heard myself panting with my mouth open.. I was going to cum soon. I stayed as silent as possible while I secretly pleasured myself to thoughts of him. Oh how I wanted him to fuck me. My head was thrown back up against the wall and water was filling my mouth. I started to lose balance. I laid on my back and pushed my hips out... the shower water danced on my clit while I finger fucked myself to orgasm.

I accidently let some squeaks out, and a few loud gasps when I came. The door knob jiggled... My husband wanted to know what was wrong. I think he thinks I'm crying...

I didn't ever think that I would be a woman having an affair. I have hated everyone I know who has committed adultery.

Here I am. Dying for another encounter with that Man. I can't stop myself, and I don't want to... I will see him soon.

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The Affair Part I
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TitleThe Affair Part I
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